Joe’s return to the road in 2019 is marked by the July release of his third studio album, Common Man. With words and music by Iadanza, Common Man is a folk-rock love letter about trust, starting over, and charting new relationships. Filled with deeply personal stories, rich symbolism, anthemic hooks, and a classic production vibe, this beautiful sounding record is a leap forward for Iadanza in terms of songwriting, delivery, and production.

Common Man brings Joe Iadanza’s beloved 1970s storytelling style into the twenty-first century, respectfully nodding its head to artists like Cat Stevens, CSNY, and Bruce Springsteen, while confidently owning its own voice; a voice that has truly found something to say.

This is Joe Iadanza’s third studio album, following his critically-acclaimed debut, Traveling Salesman (2008), and his sophomore follow up, All in Good Time (2010). Both of which resulted in extensive touring in the US and Europe.

Featuring Joe’s favorite ‘wrecking crew’, including co-producer Jagoda (drums), long-time collaborator, Craig Akin (bass), “professor” Paul Silverman (Hammond organ/piano/keys), and the incredibly talented Sophie Buskin (harmony/backing vocals), every player can be found here supporting Common Man’s rich arrangements without overshadowing them – all while showcasing the unique styles of each band member and giving them room to shine.

Mixed by Jon Castelli (Macklemore, Kesha, Khalid) who co-produced and mixed Traveling Salesman, before moving to LA and training under the legendary Tony Maserati. Common Man gets the a-list mixing treatment that many independent releases lack. The beautiful and subtle mastering work by Dale Becker (Neil Diamond, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin) taking Jon’s mixes and finishing them with luscious warmth and detail.